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"The doctor is easy to get along, very nice and encouraging. She never said any harsh words to me even though I was quite green and clumsy at the beginning of my rotation. Instead, every time she found I made a progress, she would say something very positive to me to build up my confidence. The doctor likes teaching. Every time there is something interesting about the case, she would use the opportunity to teach students. A lot of hands on experience. After two days of observation, I started to interview patients, do physical examinations and use EMR." - Yabin "The doctor is an established and successful pediatrician with connections through her faculty appointments that make her a great example and an invaluable contact. She is very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge to help you learn and be successful. She also allowed the medical students a great deal of autonomy; we were regularly able to independently interview and examine patients, complete patient notes and perform patient follow up calls thereby maximizing each patient interaction. She was willing to help the medical students rotating through her clinic in many different ways, i.e. she took myself and another student with her from the Texas Children’s Hospital where we met for Grand Rounds back to her clinic." - Juan "The doctor is a perfect example of a great and considerate physician. She has the ability to teach her students with patience and has a vast amount of knowledge. She always has an answer for your questions. In addition, she is empathetic towards patients and I feel that she has taught me not only how to be a better doctor but also a better person. I am really grateful for this opportunity." - Maria "She is really nice to us, and also to our patients and their family. She has lots of pediatric clinical experience and would like to teach medical students." - Guyu